Coast Guard and Military Vessel Propellers

Dominis specializes in manufacturing propellers and impellers for coast guard and military vessels. Our propellers have been used by US and Canadian coast guards and navies since 1998.

Coast Guard and Military Vessel Propeller Projects

CPF Halifax Class FrigateCanadian Navy20 CP propeller blades
Diameter: 4.34m
CCGS “Griffon” IcebreakerCanadian Coast Guard2 monoblock propellers
Diameter: 120"
210' Class B CutterU.S. Coast Guard72 CP propeller blades
Diameter: 90"
210' Class A CutterU.S. Coast Guard12 CP propeller blades
Diameter: 90"
EFMC Egyptian Fast Missile CraftWärtsilä Defense20 monoblock propellers
Diameter: 1.75m
INLS Improved Navy Lighterage SystemWärtsilä Defense127 waterjet impellers
Diameter: 900mm
E-craft Expeditionary CraftWärtsilä Defense4 water jet impellers
Diameter: 810mm
DDX DestroyerHowden2 prototype high-speed fans
Diameter: 21"
LCS 4 Littoral Combat ShipWärtsilä Defense3 waterjet impellers
Diameter: 1.7 and 2m
LCS 5 through LCS 23 Littoral Combat ShipRolls-Royce Naval Marine43 waterjet impellers
Diameter: 1.7m
Navy ship with a Dominis fixed pitch propeller

Why Coast Guards and Navies Choose Dominis

  • We CNC machine each propeller and impeller to final form and finish with no hand grinding.
  • The precision of our propellers is ideal for vessels that require minimal noise and vibrations at high speeds.
  • We have over 20 years of experience machining coast guard and military vessel propellers.
  • Research and development are our core strengths helping us deliver the innovative solutions Coast Guards and Navies require.
  • We work closely with ship builders and propeller designers to exceed performance requirements.

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