Monoblock Propellers

We specialize in developing custom fixed pitch propellers and have been machining them for over 20 years. Our customers are looking for unique solutions where silence, speed and minimal vibrations are the highest priority. We listen closely to our customers’ needs and machine to their exact specifications. Dominis consistently exceeds ISO 484 Class “S” tolerances, making our propellers ideal for navy, coast guard and super yacht vessels.

At Dominis, we manufacture monoblock fixed pitch propellers up to 2 meters in diameter. To eliminate hand grinding, all propeller blade surfaces are CNC machined to final form and finish. By eliminating hand grinding, the end result is identical propellers without any fluctuations. This precision means our propellers have minimal vibrations and noise while delivering excellent fuel efficiency and durability.

Benefits of CNC Machining to Final Form and Finish

  • Excellent blade to blade repeatability in form, mass and location of the centre of gravity
  • Increase in propeller efficiency
  • Effective elimination of balancing adjustments
  • Propeller designers get exactly what they specified
  • Decrease in cavitation and cavitation erosion

Our Fixed Pitch Propellers are used by

  • The Canadian Coast Guard
  • The US Coast Guard
  • Wärtsilä

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